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Church of Dominus FlevitFeatured site: Church of Dominus Flevit

Entering Jerusalem on the first Palm Sunday, Jesus wept over the city as he foresaw its destruction. The church marking the event is shaped like a teardrop . . . .


What is this Holy Land?

It’s the most sacred space on earth. Here, the main religious faiths believe, God entered an enduring relationship with the human race… more >>

Going on a pilgrimage

There’s a deep-rooted desire in human nature to go on a sacred journey, encountering God through places, people and situations… more >>

A pilgrim is not a tourist

The tourist sees sights and returns home the same person. The pilgrim gains insights and returns home changed… more >>


When should I go?

What is the best time of year to visit the Holy Land for a pilgrimage or tour? What is the weather like? How fit do I need to be? And is it safe?… more >>



Holy Land maps

These maps of the Holy Land and the Old City of Jerusalem have been specially commissioned by Seetheholyland.net and may be downloaded for private use in full-resolution PDF format for A4 printing.


In a group, or solo?

What are the pros and cons of travelling to the Holy Land with a group, compared to going it alone? Or how about experiencing both ways?… more >>

Are the sites authentic?

How accurate are the locations? If sites have been built over, levelled, rebuilt and destroyed again, how authentic can they be? And does that matter?… more >>

The Holy Land’s Christians

Descendants of the people who heard Jesus preach still live in the Holy Land, but the daily struggle to live a normal life is reducing their numbers… more >>

What should I pack?

How many bags? What sort of clothes? Footwear? Medication? Electrical appliances? And how should liquids be carried?… more >>

Tips for travelling

Will I need a visa? Are there cultural taboos? How should I carry money? What about shopping? And tipping?… more >>

Could I lead a pilgrimage?

Do you have: Maturity? Leadership and organising skills? Ability to gather a group together? Then you could lead a pilgrimage — and get a free trip… more >>


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